With a degree in hand and the college debts to match, Christian decided to do what most level-headed graduates do with their newly found freedom from academia: accept a 4’ x 5’ cubicle in Midtown in which to spend the rest of her twenties. But as empowering as it was to earn some real cash, the amoeba-patterned, faux walls, and her boss’ really ugly shoes, seriously offended her style-conscious sensibilities. So when the clock struck 6, she decided to forgo sleep for networking, in hopes of making a name for herself in fashion.

While chatting with a hot guy on the other side of the Manhattan Bridge (and when you meet her, you begin to realize that most of her stories begin with a very similar premise), said gentleman casually revealed that his former boss was the VP of Programming for all fashion content of a local TV station. And just like that, Christian’s fashion fairy godmother turned her dreams and ambitions into a real job lead (and a promising future).

A Marketing and Business Development Consultant based in New York and London, one of the main reasons Christian is sought after is for her ability to connect complementary businesses so that they are happy to show her clients ‘the money.’ Other times, she is requested for her writing and digital content development, drawing inspiration from filmmaker Loïc Prigent, editor Bethann Hardison and the late publicist Eleanor Lambert. She has worked with NBC Universal’s Oxygen Media for House of Glam and Running Russell Simmons, Logicworks for Valentino: The Last Emperor, LE BOOK, Sears Holdings Corporation and Macy’s, Inc.

Christian McKenzie holds a BA in English from Spelman College, a Certificate in Event Planning from Fashion Institute of Technology, and an MA in Journalism from London College of Fashion.